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Benefits of Staying Hydrated

October 6, 2020

Do you love to drink water? If you’re like most adults, the answer probably lies somewhere between “no” and “not particularly.” We all know that drinking water is good for us, yet 78% of adults don’t consume the recommended amount.1 Why is this? A recent survey found that the most common reason for not drinking enough water was lack of thirst.2 The second most common reason was a preference for other beverages. There’s nothing wrong with preferring other drinks to water, or waiting until you’re thirsty to drink water. But, studies show that waiting to drink water until you “feel” thirsty means that you might already be dehydrated.2 Additionally, other beverages might not offer the same hydration as water, or might be full of sugar and added chemicals, making them generally unhealthy and possibly contributing to dehydration. Dehydration can be a serious issue, as your body needs water to function. Symptoms of dehydration include: thirst, dry mouth, muscle cramps, headaches, feelings of dizziness, and not having to urinate.3 Over time, this can result in foggy thinking, mood swings, kidney stones, overheating, and constipation.4

On the other hand, the benefits of drinking water are substantial. As previously stated, the body needs water to function, but what are the specifics? 

  • Blood is 90% water, and through our blood, oxygen is carried to all parts of the body. 
  • The digestive system needs water to absorb nutrients from foods, and then move waste out of our body. 
  • Sweat functions to remove impurities from the body, as well as regulate our body temperature. Our joints are lubricated by water, which promotes proper joint movement and helps them to absorb shock from movements. 
  • In a less crucial function, proper hydration can aid in weight loss, and keeps skin plump and healthy.5 

As you can see, our bodies need water to function. If you’re among the 78% of adults who struggle to drink enough water, check out these helpful tips!

  •  Keep a reusable water bottle at home and at work
  •  Set reminders on your phone or in a planner to drink water
  •  Gradually replace other drinks with water or grab a cup of water at the same time as another drink
  • Drink water before or with each meal
  • Get a water filter for home, helping to improve the taste of tap water and provide an extra element of safety
  • Drink one glass per hour. To do this, you can mark a reusable water bottle with hours of the day to track your progress
  • Flavor your water. Fiber Choice® Flavor Drops are a great option here! They add sweetness and fiber to your diet!


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