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Dietary Requirements for Older Adults

May 12, 2020

As we age, our bodies require foods and vitamins in varying amounts. Large amounts of milk benefit a small child, but when consumed by the adult can lead to weight gain and acne. Similarly, our bodies’ needs change once more from adulthood to late adulthood.

Dietary recommendations for the older-adult population are aimed at maintaining longevity. Bone density lessens as we get older, thus high amounts of calcium and vitamin D are recommended for daily consumption1. They can be found in foods such as dark green vegetables, canned fish, eggs, or low-fat dairy. To aid nerve cells and the prevention of anemia, B12 and potassium should be consumed. These are often present in lean meat, fish, and beans. 

Large amounts of fiber are also recommended, and for good reason! In a recent study, researchers found that fiber consumption was “by far the most important factor” in aging successfully (free of disease, disability)2. In the body, fiber can help with blood sugar levels, digestive regularity, cholesterol and weight3. Fiber can be found in dark green vegetables, whole grains, and certain fruits.

Unfortunately, many older adults struggle to consume the recommended amounts of fiber- 30g for men and 21g for women over 502. This is in part due to a slower metabolism that requires less input as we age, thus leading to a smaller appetite. Decreasing muscle mass translates to needing less food, as does a significant decrease in physical activity. 

If you are struggling to include enough fiber in your diet, a supplement may be right for you. Fiber Choice® product line features Flavor Drops (a tasty addition to water), Fruity Bites Gummies( chewable fruit flavored gummies) and Chewable Bone Health tablets( to aid in calcium and fiber!). Whichever your style, Fiber Choice® can help you meet your fiber needs!



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