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Happy National Nurses Day

May 5, 2020

National Nurses Day is celebrated around the country as a tribute all that these invaluable healthcare workers do for our society. This national day kicks off a week-long celebration of nurses across the medical field, including student nurses, school nurses, and RNs. Nurses Week ends on May 12th, which is the birthday of statistician and reformer, Florence Nightingale (the founder of modern nursing). 

This year, it’s particularly important to honor those on the front lines of the fight against Coronavirus. If you have a nurse in your life or simply want to show these heroes you care, here are some ways to honor nurses in your community:

  • Buy or make PPE (personal protective equipment) to send to local hospitals
  • Write a personal note (handwritten is best!) describing how  nurses have touched your life
  • Send small gifts of appreciation 
  • Make a public thank-you note by honoring a nurse on social media
  • Donate to local nursing associations or healthcare institutions

Whether you know a nurse personally or not, today it is more important than ever to show gratitude for the hard work and sacrifices of those in the nursing community.