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Why Inulin Fiber

September 9, 2020

For those familiar with Fiber Choice® products, the benefits of fiber from inulin are no mystery. But for those just beginning their health journey, fiber sources may be a whole new world! Dietary fiber comes in many forms and can be sourced from a variety of foods. In this post we’ll dive into the inulin, the type of fiber found in the Fiber Choice line of products. 

Inulin is a fermentable dietary fiber found primarily in the roots of certain vegetables and in whole wheat. This type of fiber is considered a prebiotic, meaning it does not get fully digested but instead serves as food and nourishment for the bacteria in the gut. Prebiotics like inulin have far-reaching and numerous benefits in the gut and throughout the body. From digestive health and improved calcium absorption to immune support and weight management, prebiotic fiber from inulin is a powerful thing!1 

Inulin can be added to dietary supplements (as it is in Fiber Choice®), but it is also found in common foods. This substance can be found in bananas, leeks, artichokes, and asparagu,s among others. Chicory root is a particularly good source of inulin and is used in Fiber Choice® tablets and gummies. To learn more about chicory root, check out this Smart Choices post

If you’re looking to get more prebiotic dietary fiber in your diet, explore the full line of Fiber Choice® supplements.  


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